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How to build a brand with sound – amp sound branding
  • By amp
  • October 14, 2020

How to build a brand with sound

How to build a brand with sound

How to build a brand with sound 1024 338 amp

How to build a brand with sound   


Over the past 12 months, we have seen a tremendous increase in audible media consumption. Thanks to the growing number of smart speakers and the proliferation of audio content, we listen more to brands versus seeing them. But do we recognize the brands when we can’t see them?

amp’s Founder and Global CEO, Michele Arnese, answers this question for the latest Creative Moment article and explains how to build a brand with sound.










A holistic sonic identity creates a potential for brands to connect with audiences at a deeper level.

It’s an investment that every brand needs to think about as consumer preference and media consumption continue to diversify.

Let’s take the Premier League’s new anthem for the upcoming season as an example.

With empty stadiums, fans are watching the action from the comfort of their living room and the sound goes someway to transferring game euphoria through to TV and radio.

In the context of “played behind closed doors”, Premier League’s investment in a new audio anthem reinforces its commitment to engage the audience and ensure that fans can hear the emotion of the match even when being at home.

Premier League is betting on the new age of football, and a sustainable sonic identity is heading in the right direction.

Flexible and adaptable audio assets like branded music, a brand voice, user experience sounds, and other sonic mnemonics could help brands to future-proof their sonic ecosystems and build trust through coherent auditory brand experiences.


For more insights, read the full article in Creative Moment.

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