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amp Best Audio Brands System Methodology – amp sound branding
System and Methodology


_The Best Audio Brands ranking is specifically designed to identify strong and weak audio performers, determine any missed strategic opportunities and produce actionable solutions to boost a brand’s sonic equity and return on investment.


Using a rigorous analytical process, Best Audio Brands quantifies audio brand performance against a range of criteria such as trust, recognition, engagement and efficiency. The analysis details how brands are extending their audio presence beyond a single sonic asset – such as a sonic logo – to adapt to the changing landscape of digital consumer touchpoints where audio enhances brand recognition, engagement and findability. It also calculates audio brand efficiency – the estimated return on investment in sonic assets.

Working alongside our partner, Veritonic, we measured the emotional impact, uniqueness and memorability of audio assets. Veritonic uses machine learning and listening to help brands assess the effectiveness of their audio assets, drawing on real-world consumer responses to provide analysis on emotional response, recall and purchase intent.

We conducted in-depth panel interviews with experts in the field, including amp employees, respected composers and experienced audio researchers. These experts evaluated audio assets based on qualities such as brand fit, uniqueness, flexibility and memorability.

Drawing on amp’s collective expertise, we analysed brand content published over the course of 2018. This consisted of expert analysis of audio assets used across: digital channels, television, products and customer service lines, amongst others.

The analysis also considered how much owned, custom, licensed and stock music was used, as well as how well established these and other sonic assets were (the “history factor”).

We partnered with social media monitoring agency Storyclash to measure brand engagement online, including views, fan/brand interactions, subscriptions and number of followers.



The consistent use of recognizable sonic assets over time builds trust and ensures a connected brand experience across all audible touchpoints.
For each brand’s Customer Trust score, we analyzed the use of owned music and sonic assets, how long these assets have been used, and the consistency of use of the assets across multiple touchpoints and markets.


A sonic identity that contains uniqueness, authenticity, and relevance, helps consumers to connect with a brand on a deeper level.
To assign a Customer Belonging score, we evaluated the quantity of stock music used (which has a negative impact), the uniqueness of the sonic assets used, the overall brand fit of the sound, and the quality of customer engagement across social channels.


Unique and consistent use of sonic assets are essential for brands to be recognised across all audible touchpoints.
Our Customer Recognition score is developed based on, the quantity of owned music, the number sonic assets per brand, the use of sonic assets use across multiple touchpoints and their uniqueness and memorability.


To create an excellent customer experience across all audible touch points, brands must ensure they are producing audio assets of a high quality.
In order to assign a customer experience score to each brand in the ranking, we assess the consistency of sonic assets used across different touchpoints and markets, the flexibility of those assets to different use cases, the amount of stock, custom and licensed music used as well as the overall quality of sound and music used.


Customer Engagement takes into account how customers react and interact with the brand. For customers to engage with a brand, authentic and high-quality music and sound that reaches the relevant target groups and suits the current trends is key.
Our customer engagement score is based on the number of video interactions and views on social media, the overall quality of sound and music used, and the quantity of stock music used (which has a negative impact).


We estimate the ROI (audio brand efficiency) of every dollar spent on music and sound for audio-visual content on digital channels and tv.
This is then measured against our benchmark of a brand that owns their sonic identity and uses unique and reusable sound assets strategically across all audible touchpoints. In order to create a return-on-investment ranking, we draw on social media monitoring, extensive desk research as well as our inside knowledge regarding music production costs.

CONSISTENCY, UNIQUENESS AND FLEXIBILITY of audio brand assets are essential factors for a successful Sonic Branding strategy.

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